Chipotle Bean Pierogies (Vegan)

Featured in our Valentine's day pack--Our chipotle bean is one of our spicer varieties, inspired by Mexican cuisine. Smokey chipotle seasonings, veggies roasted in a pesto (made from scatch!), give this vegan friendly flavour a try.  


We suggest serving  these fellas with cheese, sour cream, and dip in salsa! 


0.55 kg contains approximately 16 - 20 pierogies 
1.0 kg contains approximately 30 - 35 pierogies 



Flour, Water, Grapeseed oil, Red kidney beans, Red peppers, Onion, Parsley pesto (Jalapeño, Olive oil, Parsley), Garlic, Salt, Pepper & Spices. 


Pierogies arrive frozen. 

Chipotle Bean Pierogies (Vegan)