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-How to prepare soups-

Thank you for purchasing one of our three soups! Follow these steps to properly serve up your soup. 

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Before you begin: 

The Creamy Mushroom (vegan) and our Chicken Noodle Soup can be consumed as is, no need to add any additional ingredients.  

The Bone Broth Borscht is sold only as a broth. Add vegetables, potatoes our our favoured addition: Pierogies! 

We believe our Mushroom, Sauerkraut and Pork pierogies pair best. 


Method 1: Overnight 

This is the easier, but slower way to defrost the soups. Scroll down for Method 2, if you're looking for something faster. 

Grab your soup bag out of the freezer, pop it into a bowl (still enclosed in bag), and put into the fridge overnight.


The next day, the soup will have thawed out, and is ready to be heated on the stove, and consumed. 


Method 2:
Water bath 

You received your soup and want to eat it the same day? No problem! 

Fill up your sink or a large bowl with water. Allow it to thaw for at least 1-2 hours, (or until the soup is no longer stuck to the bag).


Then pop it out directly into a pot and let it thaw over medium-low heat, stirring to keep the soup from scalding. Once it's to the temperature of your liking, its ready to serve! 

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